"Cross State Doubles changes, See post below. Next Club Event : Flight 7 Date & Place change Harmon Hills on September 7th. ... In early May DisCatcher # 14 at Warrior's Path was stolen and the baskets on holes 3 and 9 have been broken. If anyone knows who did this please contact us or call the police. Our club has to pay for repair and replacement so we take this stuff personally... ** 2014 Club Membership $10. Pay Tim at the Flight"

Check posts for updates, Cross States Doubles, Ace Race & Borden Amateur Challenge


Join our club! It’s not expensive, you’ll meet a great bunch of disc golfers, and you might even improve your game.  All ages and skill levels are welcome!

Area Courses

We love to play disc golf in East TN! There are currently seven playable courses in the immediate area.  Check this page for more info.

Monthly Flights

Each month, except for December and January, our club holds a monthly ‘flight’ between members. Points are awarded to current members for end of year prizes and the championships.

Check here for more information and our schedule/locations of play!